Concierge Medical Membership Program Overview

The mission of Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership has always been to provide excellent, evidence-based, advanced medical care in a compassionate and individualized manner. We understand that the little details matter when it comes to your health, and our “no stone-unturned” approach to diagnosis allows us to provide patients with the best treatment options available. Through the innovative use of technology, open communication, and hands-on medical expertise, our practice has served as a model for primary care providers across the region.

We understand that the little details matter elsewhere too. It makes a difference to us whether the wait time for your visit is 5 minutes or 45. We know how inconvenient it is to make an appointment just to ask your doctor a simple question. Most of all, it’s clear to us that caring for a patient takes time, and that 7-10 minutes per appointment with your physician just isn’t enough. This is where concierge medicine makes the difference.

The Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership is redefining quality care to reflect what matters to our patients: ready access to physicians and staff, convenient and easy scheduling, and a doctor who understands the nuances of your particular health situation. We are able to do this because our membership is limited to 600 patients, which ensures you’re receiving the individualized attention you deserve.

Michael A Zimmer MD FACP

For over 20 years, Dr. Zimmer has provided unparalleled care in internal medicine to thousands of patients. The Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership takes the patient experience to the next level, infusing the highest-quality care with first-rate amenities to make your visits comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free. We’re bringing back the idea of the family doctor, and creating physician-patient relationships that are authentic and personal. As a member, you’ll benefit from our premium services while receiving care uniquely tailored to your medical needs.


Letter from Dr. Zimmer

I am so pleased and excited to be offering the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership to both new and current patients beginning in 2017. Throughout my 20+ years practicing medicine, I have seen economic, governmental, and insurance concerns place enormous pressure on physicians. As practices expand, the doctor has less and less time to spend with each patient. The average patient only gets about 7-10 minutes with his or her doctor during a routine physical exam.

My team and I determined that we wanted to move away from this model. As physicians, we wanted to be more available to each of our patients, and build meaningful relationships with each of them. We also have many patients who have been with us for years, and as they were advancing in age, their health conditions were becoming more complicated. Complex diagnoses and health situation require significantly more time and attention for each patient. It was important to us that our services continue to evolve based on our patients’ changing needs.

By offering the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership to just 600 patients, we are able to raise the bar for quality of care and provide the best customer service around. The membership program allows us to offer innovative new methods of healthcare delivery and to maximize the personal nature of interactive Internal Medicine.

I look forward to seeing you in the office soon for a visit.

All the best,

Michael A. Zimmer, MD, FACP

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Membership Benefits

As primary care physicians, a significant part of our time is spent on preventive care. This means we focus on keeping you healthy, instead of waiting until you’re sick to provide treatment. The best preventive care occurs when a doctor understands all the factors of a patient’s health situation.

By joining the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership program, you gain access to extended appointments for routine physical exams. These longer sessions allow you and your doctor more time to review your medical history, family background, and current concerns. We’re also able to learn more about your overall well-being, including mental and emotional factors, which can play an important role in keeping you healthy.

We pride ourselves on the continuity of care we offer patients, and include recommendations for preventive testing, labs, and disease screening when needed as part of all our physical exams. To streamline your visits, we provide the following services on-site at our office:

  • Routine gynecologic care, including PAP tests and breast exams
  • DEXA- or osteoporosis scanning to screen for osteoporosis or bone demineralization
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Blood draws for routine laboratory testing*

*Actual laboratory testing takes place off-site. Patient insurance may require use of a different laboratory facility.

For medical concerns that extend beyond the realm of Internal Medicine, we have two specialists on staff available for consultation. This allows us to seamlessly integrate your care and reduces your need for additional appointments, consults, and office visits.

In addition to receiving better care, you’ll receive the finest service as well:

  • Members receive unlimited office visits free of charge, so you don’t have to fight with your insurance company about co-pays or deductibles.
  • Members are prioritized for same or next-day appointments, so you don’t have to wait for care if you’re sick.
  • Members are guaranteed minimal or no wait time for routine appointments, so you can spend that time talking with your doctor instead.
  • Members are offered priority for scheduling, including extended or after-hours appointments, so that your visit is easy instead of an inconvenience.
  • Members have access to their physician outside of office visits by email and phone, so you can quickly get your questions answered without having to come in.
  • Members receive continuity of care in the event of hospitalization. You’ll receive personal visits from Dr. Zimmer and coordinated care with hospital staff.
  • Above all, members work with knowledgeable, experienced staff dedicated to providing you with a truly satisfying patient experience.

The Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership guarantees you the timely and personalized healthcare you deserve.

Michael A. Zimmer, MD, FACP

Medical Director

Michael A Zimmer, MD FACP received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

He completed his General Surgery Internship and preliminary Residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He then completed his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency at the Columbia University Hospital of Morristown Memorial. He started his private practice in 1996.

Dr. Zimmer served as the Governor of the Florida Chapter of the American College of Physicians from April 2010 – 2014. He also served as an executive board member of the Florida Medical Association Electronic Medical Record Committee and President of the South Pinellas Trust Malpractice Insurance Executive Board.

Dr. Zimmer currently serves on the Florida Delegation to the American Medical Association. He also is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of South Florida’s Morsani College of Medicine.

Dr. Zimmer’s practice is forward thinking and provides his support team valuable access to information and tools needed to treat members effectively. The practice is a leader and one of a few early adopters in the use of Electronic Medical Records which he initiated in 2002.

Member Testimonials

"I was on my way out of town when a medical emergency occurred. I was in so much pain and I did not have the time for an appointment. After a consultation with the office, Dr. Zimmer provided an immediate diagnosis and prescription to relieve my extreme discomfort. Dr. Zimmer saved the day!"
– Mitchel P.
"Upon learning about the uniqueness of the attentive care and remote communication (which is so important to us based on our heavy travel schedule) that is provided by Dr. Zimmer and his new Concierge Medical Membership, we knew that this was the type of personalized care that was so important to us. We both immediately agreed to leave our current primary care physician (not Dr. Zimmer) and join his Membership. It's been the best decision we made regarding our medical care ever."
– Mr. & Mrs. D.
"I have been a loyal patient for 15 years. After learning about the Concierge Membership program, I knew that I had to evaluate my high insurance premiums that I was paying. I found that I could switch the plan to a lower cost and use that savings for the membership and its incredible benefits. My trust and faith in Dr. Zimmer and his team motivated me to become a member."
– Cynthia L.
"Dr. Zimmer saved my life! I have enjoyed the last 12 years of life and continue to do so based on his diagnosis and quick response. He rushed me to a specialist after I was in for a routine visit. His findings were that I had heart issues in need of immediate attention. The specialist coordinated my admission to the hospital for a pacemaker. I would not be here today if it weren’t for Dr. Zimmer."
– Dr. Paul V.
"I had just signed up as a Concierge Member and then was hospitalized one month later. As I was lying in my hospital bed, Dr. “Z”, who I’ve been with for 11 years, peeked his smiling face through the doorway. It was so comforting that he visited me and took the time to discuss my charts with me. Immediately after discharge, I scheduled an appointment and I met with the doctor as scheduled."
– James H.
"Dr. Zimmer has been my primary care practice for almost 10 years. He and his team are outstanding in their commitment to patient care. They are thorough in their work and very responsive to all concerns and matters. As a patient who has had major medical challenges, I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and excellence in medical attention. I highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed."
– Barbara M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Concierge Member Program?

It is an all-inclusive annual membership fee that covers all your visits, consultations and healthcare monitoring on a one to one basis with Dr. Zimmer.

Why did Dr. Zimmer start a Concierge Program?

Dr. Zimmer has been serving the community for more than 20 years. The medical practice has grown to the point where there are not enough hours in the day for Dr. Zimmer to personally provide the individual care he wishes to offer. By limiting membership of the Concierge program, Dr. Zimmer can now personally see each and every one of his members in a non rushed environment.

What are benefits of me joining the Concierge Member Program?
  • There is never a copayment when you visit
  • There is never a limit to the amount of visits you may have yearly
  • You can schedule same day or next day appointments
  • There are minimal or no waiting times for your scheduled appointments
  • Extended availability by phone and email
  • Dr. Zimmer consults with you after your visit with Specialists to review your treatment plan
  • Personal visit by Dr. Zimmer at area hospitals if you’re hospitalized
Can I save money on my current healthcare premiums by choosing the Concierge Member Program?

Possibly. Some members have already reduced their insurance premiums and were able to use the savings towards their Membership fee. We can offer suggestions, but you will have to speak to your insurance company directly to make changes and understand what the changes will mean to you.

Are there flexible payment options?

Yes. You can arrange to pay monthly, quarterly and bi-annual.

Are member fees covered by insurance?

No. The membership fee is an amenity and convenience not covered by insurance and not reimbursable by your insurer or health plan. However, you may submit the membership fee for reimbursement to any flexible spending account, health reimbursement account, or medical savings account of your employer in which you participate; to the extent such account provides reimbursement of such expenses.

Now that I don't have a co-payment or other fees, do I need to submit a claim with my insurance regarding services provided in the office?

There is no need. The office does not report or submit claims to your insurance company since every service performed at our office is covered through your Concierge Membership.

What is NOT covered by the Concierge Program?

Your medications, lab tests, imaging studies, Specialist visits, medical procedures and hospitalizations are not covered.

Do you have a special membership rate if I'm only a seasonal patient?

Yes. We offer a 6 month seasonal rate that is 50% off the membership fees.